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Find all you need right here to make your event in Central Alabama a complete success! With state-of-the-art facilities, group friendly attractions, outstanding accommodations & a wide variety of restaurants, our experienced event planning professionals can help you make your event a winner!

From partnering with organizations and event owners, to simply assisting with housing or facility needs, the Sports Commission is here to provide support and service.  We offer a wide range of assistance, not only to attract events to Central Alabama, but also to ensure their success.  The Central Alabama Sports Commission is ready to support your event with services that include:

Facility and Site Selection

  • Providing a comprehensive listing of available venues for your event
  • Assistance with site and venue visits and inspections
  • Coordination of customized pre-event tour itineraries
  • Providing a contact person exclusively committed to communicate with planners and respond to venue related questions
  • Making available floor plans, venue designs and square footage information on selected venues

Full Service Logistical Support       

  • Scheduling assistance to customize your pre-planning community and venue tours
  • Assistance in the scheduling of your planning meetings
  • Assistance to develop a comprehensive plan to maximize your time and venue usage during pre-planning and during your event
  • Professional planning services to help you plan the optimal schedule to best utilize available resources and venues   

 Vendor Assistance

  • Access to capable and proven event services partners 
  • Information on a variety of catering options to meet your event needs

Hotel Accomodations

  • Working closely with the CVB to communicate your needs with local hotel and business properties
  • Providing contact information for professional sales staff in local properties that meet your requirements
  • Assistance with securing room blocks for your event
  • Tracking room nights for your event 

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Providing a connection to a network of experienced event assistants  
  • Providing support for registration and venue management

Welcome Services

  • Guest services for all participants,  including local information, visitor guides and maps 
  • Providing a calendar of events for the local area, with activities and events for event attendees to enjoy
  • Supplying a listing of hospitality opportunities and options to welcome participants in your event
  • Securing welcome letters from local municipal officials to publish in event materials

Publicity and Promotion

  • Assisting in the development of an effective promotional plan for your event
  • Providing contact information for local media outlets
  • Distribution of the event organizers press release to local media
  • Assisting with marketing through social media, posters and signage
  • Providing promotional text and logos from local venues
  • Providing local photos and video footage
  • Including event information in the Sports Commission newsletter, as space permits
  • Providing a link to the event from the Sports Commission website

Entertainment Arrangements

  • Educating the local community and hospitality industry about your event
  • Assisting with developing ticket packages with local vendors and businesses
  • Providing a listing of budget friendly entertainment options for participants

Bid Process

  • Assisting in presenting the area and local communities to key decision makers
  • Serving as a resource to organizations seeking guidance in bid development or event management
  • Providing insight and recommendations on a bid process plan

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